Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog, Celebrates 31st Birthday

Bobi, a dog hailing from Portugal, achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the world’s oldest dog earlier this year, and now he has reached the age of 31. In a recent news release by Guinness World Records, it was revealed that Bobi celebrated his birthday over the weekend.

His devoted family organized a joyous party at their home in the village of Conqueiros, where Bobi has spent his entire life. The owner, Leonel Costa, shared that the celebration followed a “very traditional” Portuguese style.

According to Guinness, over 100 people from various parts of the world were expected to attend the festivities on Saturday.

The menu included delectable dishes such as fish and local meats for the guests, while Bobi, who exclusively indulges in human food, received an extra portion to mark the special occasion.

Costa, who was just 8 years old when his family adopted Bobi, shared with Guinness that the birthday celebrant has been in good health in recent months.

However, Costa expressed concern about the possible mental and physical strain that Bobi may experience due to the significant influx of visitors ever since he achieved the title of the world’s oldest dog back in February.

Costa mentioned that journalists and tourists from various parts of the world, including Europe, the United States, and Japan, have made a stop to capture precious moments with Bobi through photographs

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Source: Guinness World Records

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